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Samsung Syncmaster TA950 - Test at CES 2011

The first thing that leaps to the eye of the new 950 series LED monitors from Samsung is its spectacular design. The Korean media has chosen an elegant asymmetrical, however, is not entirely original. We have already seen something similar in the LED Monitor Acer S243 HLB of 24 inches. Samsung has added a personal touch with a full metal casing reminiscent of the TV series LED 9000 .

The Samsung Syncmaster TA950 televisions also inherits the company the idea of ​​moving all connections to the base. Here we discovered two HDMI, antenna jack, Kensington Lock, two USB, audio jack of 3.5 milímeetros, DVI, Optical Audio Output and Component Video RGB adapter plugs into a strange owner. From Samsung we say that these connections may still be subject to any changes before they reach the stores.

Visually, the Samsung Syncmaster TA950 is spectacular. LCD panel LED integrates a 1080p Full HD 120 Hz. In addition to the monitor, the TV and computer is also said to be an internet connected TV services such as Samsung Movies , hence the ethernet jack.

This monitor flag 900 series is also 3D. As far as we have seen, is part of the issuer for the glasses in the casing and is capable of converting 2D content to 3D with the system already used by Samsung TVs.

The bias we've seen looks like a 27-inch, but we assume that the Korean market more sizes. That's all we can tell, for now, because there are no technical specifications or price or availability, only a design that would see at our table.